Твір на тему: "Mass Media in Our Life" / Засоби масової інформації в нашому житті

Mass media play a very important role in our everyday life. They serve to inform people of different events that take place or may happen. They also entertain people or even help to make their lives better. But the most important thing that newspapers, radio or TV bring to people is information.
Nowadays, it is very important to get complete and accurate information. Those TV and radio programmes and newspapers that provide reliable information are always very popular. Sensational events such as crimes, natural disasters or unusual events are also of great interest. That is why many newspapers and TV programmes combine them with serious information. 
Usually daily mass media carry some international, state and local news. They also contain some other topics like health care, arts and so on. A lot of newspapers have advice columns, review of books, comics, crossword puzzles, etc. Most of them have different pictures, photographs and illustrations. 
Mass media also focus public attention on the most urgent problems of the society. Those may be problems in health care, education, transportation or even corruption in government. 
Advertising is also paid much attention to in mass media. It helps people to get oriented in variety of firms and shops that offer their goods and services. All in all, mass media help us to form our opinion on different events, provide us with the information of what takes place in society, and are also means of entertainment.
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