Твір на тему: "My Favourite Writer" / Мій улюблений письменник

Reading is one of my hobbies and that’s why I try to use every spare minute to read. I like different kinds of literature. I like Russian and foreign, classic and modern literature. I usually read different books: love stories, detective stories or historical novels.
I want to tell you about my favourite writer. It is Alexandra Marinina. She is considered to be a Russian Queen of detective prose. The works of this author are clever and really interesting. In all books there are the same characters and starting a new book you meet old friends. The author used to work as an investigator and she knows how to arouse the reader’s interest and at the same time writes the facts that could take place. Many detective novels by Marinina are translated into foreign languages and foreign readers can compare our writer with Agatha Christie. 
When I got acquainted with these books I was greatly impressed by the wit and humour. The main character, a slender and weak woman, doesn’t need to fight with the criminals using judo or something like that. She is very clever and intelligent. Her brain works as a good computer and she knows how to derive benefit from it. All the actions and characters are described so vividly that I had a feeling of our possible meeting when I visited Moscow last summer. 
Unfortunately I don’t have complete works by Marinina, it’s impossible, she’s still writing. But I always recommend my friends to read these books.
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