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Твір на тему: "The Most Beautiful Place on Earth" / Найкрасивіше місце на землі

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I know some English proverbs and here is one of them — “There is no place like home”. Really, the best place is our own town or village. We never forget it when we leave it. 
There are many beautiful places where people live. They are near forests or woods, rivers or seas, lakes or ponds and even in the mountains. Very often we think that such places are the most beautiful. By the way, I think that other places have no fine parks and buildings. Not all of their streets are straight and nice. But people who live there are proud of them and like them very much. They like them because they live and work there. The beauty of nature is a very good thing but there are things which may be more important and dear to people. 
As for me, I am proud of the history of my town and its historical traditions I hope I am prepared to do more for its future. My place is dear to me because I have so many friends here. I go to school together with my friends and do a lot of interesting things in my school clubs. We may work together at a plant or in an office when I leave school. As an English proverb goes “Every bird likes its own nest”. Let’s hope that I will like my own “nest” and will do everything to make it the most beautiful place on earth.
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